Equipment Inspections Of Lifting Devices (Yearly, Monthly Or As Required)

Forklift (Mast Forward)
Eyebolts & Hardware
Winches & Cable Pullers
Cranes / Hoists
Pneumatic Hoists
Access Ladders
School Basketball Assemblies
Elevated Platforms
Bleacher Systems
Jibs & Work Stations
Weight Room Equipment
Chainfalls & Come-a-longs
Special Needs Equipment
Hooks and Spreader Bars
Dock Levellers
Tilt / Lift Tables
Swivel Hoist Rings
Cardboard Bailers
Misc. Lifting Devices


Why do equipment Inspections?

O.H.S.A. – “The Green Book”
“O.H.S.A. and Regulations for Industrial Establishments. R.R.O. 1990, Section #51, (R28), A lifting device shall:

A) Be so constructed , of such strength and be equipped
with suitable ropes, chains, slings and other fittings so
as to adequately ensure the safety of all workers;

b) Be thoroughly examined by a competent person to
determine its capability of handling the maximum load
as rated,

(i) Prior to being used for the first time, and
(ii) thereafter as often as necessary but not less frequently than recommended by the manufacturer and in any case, at least once a year.
A permanent record shall be kept, signed by the competent person doing the examination.

c) Be plainly marked with sufficient information so as to enable the operator of the device to determine the maximum rated load that the device is capable of lifting under any operating condition;

d) Have a cab, screen, canopy guard or other adequate protection for the operator where the operator may be exposed to the hazard of falling material;

e) When it is a pneumatic or hydraulic hoist, have controls that automatically return to the neutral position when released.

Safety standards we currently inspect under:

Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

CAN/CSA Standard Z256 – Safety Code for Material Hoists
CAN/CSA Standard Z150 – Safety Code for Mobile Hoists
C22.2 No.33 – Construction & test of Electric Cranes & Hoists
CAN/CSA Standard B167 – Safety Standard for Maintenance * Inspection of Overhead Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Monorails, Hoists & Trolleys
CAN/CSA Standard Z185-M87 – Safety Code for Personnel Hoists
Z248 Code for Tower Cranes
B354.2 – Self-Propelled Elevating Work Platform

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

ASME B 30.6 – Safety Standard for Derricks
ASME B 30.9 – Safety Standard for Slings
ASME B 30.10 – Safety Standard for Hooks
ASME B30.20 – Safety Standard for Belo-The-Hook Lifting Devices
ASME PALDb – safety Standard for Portable Automotive Lifting Devices

Manufacturers Recommendations

Each Manufacturer has specific recommendations and requirements pertaining to the operation, maintenance, and inspection of their equipment. Contact your supplier or consult your manual.
We are in constant contact with our suppliers & manufacturers to stay on-top of these requirements.
Example: Shawbox recommends a bench service or tear-down of all hoists following 7000 hours in use.
O.H.S.A. (Live Performances) - Ministry of Labour – Ontario

ISBN-7794-8736-2 – Health & Safety Guidelines for the Live Performance Industry of Ontario.
B354.2 – Self-Propelled Elevating Work Platform
CAN/CSA Standard Z256 – Safety Code for Material Hoists
Ministry of Labour Ontario – Engineering Data Sheet – 2-04:
Fixed Access Ladders

Safety Inspections Service Area 

We offer safety inspections of industrial equipment for Oakville, Burlington, Stoney Creek, London, St. Catherines, and the Toronto GTA.