Equipment Safety Inspections

Equipment Inspections Of Lifting Devices (Yearly, Monthly Or As Required)

GATA Industrial Services can assist you with a wide variety of safety inspections on different makes and models of lifting devices, to keep you up to date and running smooth. Refer to the equipment list below. 

Just remember, we can also do monthly maintenence and repairs on some of your machinery as well.

Forklift (Mast Forward)
Eyebolts & Hardware
Winches & Cable Pullers
Cranes / Hoists
Pneumatic Hoists
Access Ladders
School Basketball Assemblies
Elevated Platforms
Scissor Lifts
Pallet Trucks
Elevated Platforms
Bleacher Systems
Jibs & Work Stations
Weight Room Equipment
Chainfalls & Come-a-Longs
Special Needs Equipment
Hooks and Spreader Bars
Dock Levellers
Tilt / Lift Tables
Swivel Hoist Rings
Cardboard Bailers
Misc. Lifting Devices
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  • Equipment Inspections

    Industrial equipment inspections on lifting devices and machinery.