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Overhead Crane Inspections

Overhead Crane

Overhead crane inspections and why they are needed? Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, overhead canes / sling hoists require a pre-shift inspection as well as an annual overhead crane inspection.

With employees moving in and out of warehouses and manufacturing facilities It is important to keep your lifting devices maintained and inspected on a regular basis. An overhead crane / sling hoist system works within a specific area to limit potential risks posed and injury to employees This allows your sling hoist equipment to operate as efficiently as possible without affecting the safety of your staff.Routine inspections are required by law to maintain the safe operation of overhead cranes because of the size and weight of the products that they regularly lift and transport overhead on a daily basis.

Crane inspections are necessary whether the lifting equipment is brand new or old.GATA Industrial Equipment, can put together a crane inspection schedule to meet your needs. We specialize in material handling equipment inspections on a yearly, weekly or monthly basis. It is always better to be safe than sorry. it's recommended to include inspections in your company's custom preventive maintenance program.