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Bay Net
BayNets Safety Systems®

BayNets® is a custom fabricated fall protection solution designed to fit over open pit service bays. The sliding net system is engineered to absorb the impact of a fall using high tenacity (HTPP) knotless netting. BayNets® is easy to assemble and can be installed by local mechanics or by factory installers. BayNets® are in use across America and in Europe providing fall protection to – automotive, truck, bus and rail service centers.

Baynet Hardware
Bay Nets Hardware

BayNets® are fabricated out of petroleum resistant 2-1/2 inch knotless synthetic mesh, bordered with rope and secured to a wire frame with sliding galvanized steel links. Framing anchors are made of welded forged steel. Once installed, the BayNets® system will safely absorb the impact weight of over one ton, with a total system tensile strength of over three tons

Automotive Maintenaince
Automotive Maintenance

OBayNets® safety systems are ideal for general automobile repair ships, auto lube centers and dealership service departments – any workplace where there is a open pit dangers. BayNets® protect unwary employees and wandering customers from falling into an pit and sustaining a serious injury.

Netform™ Waterpark Nets
Bus and Rail Maintenance

Working on big rigs can pose big dangers if mechanics work in and around open bay pits. That’s why there's also BayNets® safety netting systems for truck maintenance bay pits. These safety netting solutions keep people and your business trucking along without any accidents.

Truck Maintenaince
Truck Maintenance Bay

No matter what type or size of vehicle they work on. In addition to out automotive and truck maintenance pit safety netting, we've designed a line of BayNets® specifically for maintenance safety in bus and rail service bays. BayNets for bus and rail are custom designed for extra width and length as well as for partitions, crossover areas and multiple bay access entry. From your measurements, let our design team custom build your BayNets® system.

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