Jib Cranes, Free Standing Or Portable, New & Used  Jib Crane


Jib Cranes:

• Free standing or portable jib cranes
• Wall bracket tie rod supported jib cranes
• Wall cantilever jib cranes
• Mast style jib cranes (top and bottom supported)

Jib CraneJib cranes, a free standing or portable jib crane is an economical solution for moving materials within an individual workstation, for transferring materials from work area to work area, or for use as an auxiliary lifting device under an overhead crane. We offer over 7800 jibs. Jib cranes are designed and manufactured in four styles



Jib crane diagram


Another jib crane manufactured is the workstation jib crane. From self-supporting to wall mounted, workstation jib cranes provides economic, supplemental lifting coverage with 200º or 360º of rotation.

Features Standard catalogued jib cranes range in capacity up to 5 tons
and spans to 20 feet. Jib cranes feature our unique trussed boom design, which offers longer spans for custom jib crane designs. Free standing and mast type jib cranes offer 360º rotation. Wall mounted offers 200º of rotation.


We specialize in oversized free standing jib cranes and heavy duty motorized wall traveling jib cranes for steel mill service. A custom designed jib crane is available in capacities up to 20 ton and spans up to 60 feet depending on capacity. A motorized jib crane can be custom designed to meet your application.

Design Factor

The standard capacity rating of a jib crane represents the net rated load of the hook at the hook of a hoist of the same rated capacity as the crane. The design factor for the stresses in the crane is based on the capacity plus 25% of the rated load for impact and 15% of the rated load for the weight of the hoist and trolley. This was utilized along with the average yield stress of the material to determine the type of the design. This design provides a margin to allow for variations in material properties, operating conditions, and design assumptions. Note: No crane should ever, under any condition, be loaded beyond its rated capacity.

Service Factor

The maximum weight of the application should match, NOT exceed, and design weight. The capacity rating is based on a design load. The jib crane design criteria allows the least amount of deflection so as not to hamper the performance of the jib crane. This equipment is not, in any way, designed for lifting, supporting, or transporting humans. Failure to follow the specified load and mounting limitations can result in serious bodily injury and/or property damage. Call us today about purchasing a new jib crane or possibly a used jib crane.