Safety Netting for construction, commercial and residential

Construction & Personal Safety Nets

Safety netting has a wide range of applications that it can be used for. Safety nets are used in the commercial and residential sectors. GATA Industrial Services can provide you with quality netting for fall protection, construction safety nets, debris control, cargo nets, controlling birds, playgrounds and much more

Construction Safety Nets

Construction Nets

Where there’s construction, there’s debris—falling or flying objects that can seriously injure people and severely damage property. We also carry...

Nets For Theme Parts

Amusement Park Nets

Our netting and rope for theme parks, amusement park, and water parks help you create the perfect effects while keeping your visitors out of danger.

Home & Garden Netting

Home & Garden

These nets are perfect for small projects around your house, garage, farm or shop. These nets can be used for load covers, dividers, storage and more.

Sports Nets

Sports Nets & Events

Our sports and events netting provides major-league crowd control so enthusiastic spectators and tailgaters won’t enter unauthorized areas. This reduces..

Material Handeling

Material Handling

Conveyor guard systems keep workers safe from injury, protect products from damage, and reduce lost production time due to spillage. See more products.

Service Bay Netsms

Service Bay Nets

Bay nets are a custom fabricated fall protection solution designed to fit over open pit service bays. The sliding net system is engineered to...

Orchestra Pit Nets

Orchestra Pit Net Systems

Orchestra Pit Safety Netting Systems are designed specifically to meet your requirements. We can provide virtually any size and shape safety net.